Save the trees! Save the art! Save the water!

Today, June 21, 2017 Summer Solstice, more Blued Trees have been painted in Virginia.

In two years, The Blued Trees Symphony has established potential legal standing to litigate for copyright protection and injunctive relief. It has expanded in scale and become visible in the international art media and in exhibitions. The next step is to establish wide mainstream standing in the court of public opinion.

The FERC (Federal Energy Commission) is poised to rule this week on whether the Mountain Valley Pipelines will destroy more Appalachian habitat for fossil fuel corporate profits, including miles of The Blued Trees Symphony.


On the occasion of the Summer Solstice, you can help stop that destruction by writing a letter today for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to the FERC in Virginia.

In the letter:

• Ask them to save the measures of The Blued Trees Symphony there from destruction.

• Submit comments by 5pm tomorrow, Thursday, June 22. It is the last time to submit comments to FERC in Virginia.

• Respond to this post with your personal e-letter addressed to FERC in VA.

• Share this post.

Each letter will be sent to Robin Boucher, artist, curator and Blued Trees painter, in her official status as a local intervener. She will include the letters in a special dossier for FERC. The whole dossier will become part of a permanent administrative legal record.

Tell FERC:

• The Blued Trees Symphony needs to be saved from destruction.

• Saving The Blued Trees Symphony means saving the community's environmental rights and cultural aspirations.

• This art redefines human relationships to water and the trees that preserve water.

• Beauty and health are more important than the corporate profits of multi-national fossil fuel corporations.

For the third year in a row, The Blued Trees Symphony, sonified biogeographic sculpture, has expanded continentally during the Summer Solstice. The project is being installed in corridors where the expansion of natural gas pipelines have been proposed and corporations are cutting down wide swathes of trees for their pipelines.

The aerially conceived synesthetic Blued Trees Symphony score is indicated with each painted tree as a note in situ. Many miles have been painted with an ultramarine blue non-toxic pure pigment mixed with buttermilk to grow moss on the trunks of each tree-note. Each tree is then copyrighted for protection.

Save the trees! Save the art! Save the water!



"The law often improves only after it (repeatedly and publicly) fails to be just."

Patrick Reilly, copyright lawyer for The Blued Trees Symphony, in an email dated June 20, 2017.


"... public opinion does a lot to bring cutting edge issues to a tipping point."

Bert Bondurant, advocate and Blued Trees painter, in an email dated June 20, 2017.