Concierto de Agua / Concert of Water
Liliana Gelman

Bienal del fin del mundo, Mar del Plata, Argentina 2015


        I have heard this
music before,
        said the body.

— Mary Oliver



Our project was to create a concert at the edge of the sea so that we could listen closely to the sounds and rhythms of the water, wind and waves.

Given that our sensory world is shaped by what we hear, and more, that our sense of hearing sets the tone for all our subsequent perceptions, this project was meant to suggest a new perspective from which to hear the sea as a holistic experience.
We placed chairs along the shore in the traditional form of a small auditorium. The sounds of the sea were captured by four microphones, installed at different locations to record different aspects of the motion of the water — the waves at the shore, against the breakwater, the water rushing between the stones, and a general motion of the waves — and to have the sound amplified for about six minutes.

— Liliana Gelman