"Videographer, composer, architect. My work explores I-Ching inspired methods. Animations utilize physical simulation generatrices. Computers allow greater variation and articulation of form. Simulated fluid flows and hard body simulations create logically connected shapes to inspire further development. Research in hi-tech developments and ancient infrastructures is an ongoing goal in my work. As multi-dimensional artists we strive to create surreal, sculpted and moving lighted shapes melded with electronic scores. The capabilities of computer-generated 3D programs allow rapid investigation of new patterns. Fascinated with exploring the relationship between man and machines, our experimental compositions transform sounds and shapes into an abstract sound tapestry.


"As globalization becomes preeminent I seek to analyze cultural distortions through visualizations of rhapsodic animated images and sound narratives. In urban architecture a plaza grown over centuries with aggregated forms trumps a deus-ex-machina solution which springs forth fully realized without the wisdom of years of operational input (e.g., La Defense vs. Le Marais, Paris). Richard Bender, Environmental Design at Berkley, prophesied a future where the computer would allow greater variation and articulation of form."