'Round and About New York
Leah Barclay

We're visiting New York through sounds that you may not have heard before, we're exploring rivers with hydrophones, and we're creating a new model for interacting with life on the planet.

'Round and About New York is a portrait of New York City in sound, recorded and performed by a group of NYU students as a series of soundart vignettes that give us an evolving panoramic view of New York. It is about cooking and eating, moving through Union Square, listening to singers in the subway, walking the boardwalk at Coney Island, watching the dogs in Washington Square Park. This is the beginning of a major project. New York is a big city. And it's a big group of NYU students that recorded the sounds.

Leah Barclay, a visiting composer from Australia discussed her work.
Leah Barclay listens to the Logan River in Australia and detects problems. What's this river telling her? Explore the art and science of listening to rivers in Leah's presentation on River Listening - an interdisciplinary research project that explores the creative possibilities of aquatic bioacoustics and the potential for new approaches in the conservation of global river systems. Leah will also talk about the Rainforest Listening project and preview her latest work Temporal Encounters, an electroacoustic performance that explores a series of in situ field recordings from UNESCO biosphere reserves across the world.

For the first time, we tried out Joel Chadabe's concept of Soundspace in which instrumentalists improvise with Bernie Krause's nature recordings. In this tryout session, the instrumentalists were Madeleine Shapiro (cellist), Conrad Harris (violin), Pauline Kim Harris, (viola, violin), and Tom Beyer (percussion).

Get to know Bernie Krause's work ... here




This GetTogether took place at WhiteBox in New York on Monday, May 2, 2016.