Performed at St. Jakobi, Lübeck, Germany, during the Kyma International Sound Symposium, the elements in this performance — three singers in tap shoes, an organist, and the reverberation in the church — recreate a quasi-organic statement of long past memory.



Carla Scaletti writes, "The organ music is an arrangement of one of the earliest examples of polyphonic music from the Liber Sancti Jakobi (Codex Calixtinus) — a kind of 'tour-guide' for pilgrims following Die Jakobswege to St. Jakobi’s shrine in Santiago de Compostela. The music itself recalls medieval times and the three-voice processional becomes an echo of all the pilgrimages that passed through Lübeck and St. Jakobi.

"With a new layer of computer-processed sound, we excite the reverberation in St. Jakobi to give it a distinct personality with its own solos. And in our thoughts we may be able to hear not just this composition but faint echoes and traces of all the music and words that have ever been played or spoken here over the years and centuries."

Friday 26 September 2014, St. Jakobi Lübeck

Voices Birte Prüfert, Theresa Szorek, Iga Osowska
Organ Franz Danksagmüller
Organized by Musikhochschule Lübeck