A Bronx Tale

The Ear to the Earth Festival in 2011 focused on recording sounds in the different boroughs in New York and recombining the sounds into compositions.


A Bronx Tale is based mainly on field recordings done in September 2011 in the Hunts Point neighborhood in the Bronx. Including street sounds and voices, a visit to a church, and sounds encountered in lengthy soundwalks, the recordings were done by Milica Paranosic with students — Melvin Zapata, Efrain Perez, Edward Bonner, and Austin Saint Rosa — at The Point, a neighborhood arts center.

Milica Paranosic then used the recordings as the source material for A Bronx Tale. Her first performance, which included other electronics and live performed vocals, took place at The Point on October 19, 2011.

A Bronx Tale

milica8540_okMilica Paranosic takes a bow following a beautiful performance