kermesse900Photo: Luca Marcotullio

The Kermesse 2015

Through the afternoon and into the evening, an experimental sound event began to unfold. Numerous percussion groups, students and teachers from a variety of Roman music schools, came together to play at the Piazza Tevere, improvising, merging and weaving different styles—Mediterranean, Latin-American, African, Japanese, and more—to create moments of discovery and surprise.


The sound of the many instruments, which once accompanied marches, battles, rituals, oracles, departures, prayers, feasts and dances, echoed across the water and stirred hidden memories of place through the rich multicultural reality of today’s Rome.

kermessefromhigh600Photo: Andrea Geyer
kermessemusicians600Photo: Andrea Geyer

kermessedruming600Photo: Luca Marcotullio

kermessehanddrums600Photo: Luca Marcotullio

kermessedrums600Photo: Luca Marcotullio

kermessebutts600Photo: Andrea Geyer





The Kermesse 2015 was conceived and coordinated by Isabelle Binet as a project of Tevereterno in Rome.

Participating schools included: l’Associazione Semilla, the Japanese percussion course of the Associazione Affabulazioni, the Scuola di Tamburello di Davide Conte, the Scuola di Percussioni di Stefano Rossini Roma, the Franceso Pitarra school, the Scuola di Percussione Timba, the Istituto Comprensivo Virgilio, Tony William, Duo Benkadi of Inoussa, and Dembele.

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