These drawings by Kristin Jones, shown at the ART 101 gallery from April 10 to May 10, 2015, were created with elements of moving water and shifting air currents, tracing fleeting marks of the wind as it affects the motion of leaves, grasses and branches, captured in graphics, rendering unseen forces visible.

Interest in these drawings can be addressed to ART 101.

Art 1O1
101 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

718 302 2242

Kristin Jones writes:

"A fundamental sense of wonder at the mystery of the world motivates me to construct contemplative work aimed at magnifying the sense of place and present. Above all, I am interested in the absolute impermanence of the world to which we belong: the infinite nuances of light, the phenomena of chemistry and physics, the ephemeral nature of time."

Her installations have been exhibited internationally in both private and public venues. Her award-winning work for public spaces, created in partnership with Andrew Ginzel, is spread across New York City and throughout the country. She has received numerous commissions and grants.

She founded and now directs Tevereterno.

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