Micah Frank writes: "California has experienced its worst drought in 1200 years. It is not due to lack of rainfall alone but to scouring temperatures which, most climatologists agree, are an effect of rapid climate change.

I visited the region from September through October 2014, on a soundscape ecology project purposed to create a sonic profile of California parks, their biophonies and geophonies.

To my surprise, every park I visited was a ghost world. Many of the famous forests - Yosemite, Sequoia, Big Sur - were either scorched by wildfires or parched bone dry by the drought. I found no predominant biophonic activity. Throughout over 30 excursions into the wilderness, I was mostly only ever able to capture geophonic sounds - wind, small brooks, trees creaking, rain.

Just as technology and human intervention have significantly contributed to California's acoustic ecology, Reimagined is sourced solely from natural soundscapes, supported, manipulated and fortified through technology - ultimately reorganized as an artificial ghost of the original.


Currently, in 2015, Micah Frank is working on a number of sound programming and field recording projects. He lives in Berlin, Germany with his wife and two children.