Orecchio alla terra

autourUrbino√okView from a hill just outside of Urbino. Photo by Joel Chadabe.


An Ear to the Earth festival, supported by the G. Rossini Conservatorio in Pesaro in collaboration with Greenpeace in Italy, organized by David Monacchi and Eugenio Giordani, took place in Pesaro and Urbino, on June 25, 26 & 27, 2010.

There were panels, talks, round table discussions, and concerts in various venues in Pesaro, among them the G. Rossini Conservatory and Palazzo Ducale. The participants included (in order of appearance) Eugenio Giordani, Joel Chadabe, Francisco Lopez, Giuseppe Onuffrio (Director of Greenpeace in Italy), David Monacchi, Hildegard Westerkamp, Natasha Barrett (not present), Walter Branchi, Roberto Vecchiarelli, and many other artists.
There was an exhibiton of videos that took place in the Palazzo Gradari. There was an evening public screening of CO2, an environmentally-strong video by David Monacchi, in the Piazza del Popolo.
pesaroco2CO2 screening in the Piazza del Popolo


And Hildegard Westerkamp led a soundwalk through Pesaro and nearby parcs, stopping in different places to focus listening to the present sounds and general acoustic ambience.








The last event in the festival, on Sunday afternoon, was Ascolta la Natura che ti Ascolta / Listen to the nature that Listens to You by Walter Branchi presented in the Botanical Garden in Urbino. The loudspeakers were placed to be effectively invisible, the music soft and melting into the air around the plants to become part of its ambience, no beginning no ending, simply sound floating in the air like a scent.



urbino02Walter Branchi
Towards the end of the afternoon, an impromptu meeting took place to talk with Branchi and better understand his idea of music as part of the world around us.