This is my neighborhood

We're creating festivals of neighborhoods. We want you to meet our friends and get to know how they live.

In Ahousgnansu, Côte d'Ivoire, Yao Eby is our friend. He writes, "I was born in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, and I spent my childhood in the village of Ahougnansou ... More

In Santiago Tuxtla, Mexico, Gregorio Rodríguez Orozco writes, "I was born in Celaya, in the State of Guanajuato in Mexico. After studying classical guitar in Guadalajara ... More

In Veilleurbanne, France, a neighborhood near Lyons, our friends are Philippe Clement and Caroline Boisson. Carolina writes, "As a small child, I discovered the world in the workshop of my parents, between painting and sculpture ... More



The music of speech

Let's listen to people speak wherever they are in the world. And let's compose with their voices. Ah, these voices can be beautiful and interesting.

Georgia Spiropoulos' multi-lingual settings of Walt Whitman's poems creates a universal context ... more

All these people eating at a restaurant in Staten Island seem to be saying, hey, this food is good let's have some ... more

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many more voices



Visits to places

Visiting places is one way to gain an awareness of the world. Go somewhere. Take us with you. Show us how it looks and let us hear how it sounds.

Carla Scaletti leads us on a visit to Yellowstone National Park ... More

Micah Frank records silent soundscapes in California ... More

Garth Paine explores the Shoalhaven River in New South Wales, Australia ... More

many more places



Technology & Originality

We're looking for a surprise. A new idea that we haven't yet experienced. A use of technology and new concepts that lead us to think in a new way.

Carla Scaletti composes the reverberation at St. Jakobi, Lübeck, Germany ... More



Take a Walk

Take a walk. Bring your camera. Comment.

Rodger Stuart Davis takes us on a walk through Key West ... More



A gallery is a group of several images, sometimes accompanied by a narrative or sound, that are chosen for the home page slideshow. Each gallery remains on the home page for a few weeks, then takes its permanent place as an Ear to the Earth ongoing project.

Gallery#1 contains images by Arsenije Jovanovic, Amandine Pras, Omid Burgin, Christina Viola Oorebeek, Joel Chadabe ... More