It's looking at a world that you might not otherwise see. And listening to a work that you might otherwise not hear.


The Music of Speech

Shumaila Hemani returns to Pakistan ... more

Georgia Spiropoulos' multi-lingual Walt Whitman ... more

All these people eating at a restaurant in Staten Island seem to be saying, hey, this food is good let's have some ... more


Doing Things

Joseph Bertolozzi performs the Eiffel Tower ... More

Joseph Bertolozzi drumming

Aviva Rahmani orchestrates The Blued Trees Symphony ... More


Technology & Originality

Paul Geluso presents the 3D Sound Object ... More

Paul Geluso and Lars Graugaard perform Thin Air

Carla Scaletti composes reverberation in Lübeck ... More


States of Places

Ann McCutchan in the Atchafalaya River Basin ... More

Micah Frank records silent soundscapes in California ... More

Garth Paine on the Shoalhaven River ... More

Carla Scaletti in Yellowstone National Park ... More

A geyser in Yellowstone Park

Christina Viola Oorebeek in Myanmar ... More

Amandine Pras records the yaks in Gorak Shep ... More

Arsenije Jovanović visits Mount Athos ... More

Monastery on Mount Athos



Joel Chadabe & Joe Kubera and the Staten Island Ferry ... More

Leah Barclay listens to the river ... More

Walter Branchi finds a harmonic beauty ... More


Take a Walk

Eric Leonardson & Joel Chadabe walk in Manizales ... More

Rodger Stuart Davis walks through Key West ... More

Phil Dadson taking a walk on a bicycle in Chile ... More

Phil Dadson in Chile



3 Clouds
Vedran Vucic, Liliana Gelman, Joel Chadabe ... More

2 About doing things
Liliana Gelman ... More

1 Places where people live
Arsenije Jovanovic, Amandine Pras, Omid Burgin, Christina Viola Oorebeek, Joel Chadabe ... More