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This is my neighborhood

We're finding friends and artists in neighborhoods throughout the world. We're asking them to say "This is my neighborhood" and we're asking them to introduce us to their artistic traditions, cultural activities, and environmental issues.

We'll work with our friends in creating performances that we can tour, ebooks that we can publish, and other media that we can distribute.

With neighborhoods as our settings, we plan to get a sense of how people live around the world and how closely the global community is connected by similarities. By learning and creating from the inside out, and by working with community members, artists, students and educators, we will prompt a holistic perspective on environmental issues and generate a collaborative and growing force for community-based solutions to problems.

Starting with a pilot project of a few selected countries, interweaving arts, cultures and communities, our long term goal—completely consonant with Ear to the Earth's mission—is to establish a network of communities and communication throughout the world and to provide multiple platforms for discussion, debate, artistic creation, and documentation.

In Ahousgnansu, Côte d'Ivoire, Yao Eby is our friend. He writes, "I was born in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, and I spent my childhood in the village of Ahougnansou ... More

In Santiago Tuxtla, Mexico, Gregorio Rodríguez Orozco writes, "I was born in Celaya, in the State of Guanajuato in Mexico. After studying classical guitar in Guadalajara ... More

In Veilleurbanne, France, a neighborhood near Lyons, our friends are Philippe Clement and Caroline Boisson. Carolina writes, "As a small child, I discovered the world in the workshop of my parents, between painting and sculpture ... More



Voices of the World

Let's listen to people speak wherever they are in the world. And let's orchestrate the words to lend additional meaning to what they say.

Georgia Spiropoulos' multi-lingual settings of Walt Whitman's poems creates a universal context ... more

All these people eating at a restaurant in Staten Island seem to be saying, hey, this food is good let's have some ... more



Visits to Places

Visiting places is one way to gain an awareness of the world.

Go somewhere. Take us with you. Share your understandings of a place, its sounds, how it looks, how its people live.

Carla Scaletti leads us on a visit to Yellowstone National Park ... More

Micah Frank records silent soundscapes in California ... More

Garth Paine explores the Shoalhaven River in New South Wales, Australia ... More

Ann McCutchan takes us to the Atchafalaya River Basin ... More

Arsenije Jovanovic performs stalactites 700 meters underground ... More

Christina Viola Oorebeek travels through Myanmar ... More

Amandine Pras visits Gorak Shep and records the yaks ... More

Take a Walk

Take a walk. Bring your camera. Comment.

Rodger Stuart Davis takes us on a walk through Key West ... More


A gallery is a group of several images, sometimes accompanied by a narrative or sound, that are chosen for the home page slideshow to show us how people live and how people do things in places throughout the world.

Each gallery remains on the home page for a few weeks, then takes its permanent place as an Ear to the Earth ongoing project.

The first gallery contains images by Arsenije Jovanovic, Amandine Pras, Omid Burgin, Christina Viola Oorebeek, Joel Chadabe ... More








Maryanne Perrone, Project Director

Amongst other things, I co-founded and artistically directed a series of cross-cultural projects titled From Here to There, working with a range of students and pre-professionals both in France and England. Many artistic pieces were created together on film, stage and site-specific. Our aim was to find pathways, through the use of the arts, to connect people and to bridge the gap between social and cultural barriers. In this regard, I perceive the creative process in a holistic manner, interweaving arts, cultures and communities. I plan to continue working with people from all walks of life, artistic disciplines, and cultures. I hope that together we can address the social and environmental imperatives that surround us, and help build stronger, more compassionate and creative communities.

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We view Voices of the World as a longterm project, a spinoff perhaps from text-sound, that offers a changing medium for human communication. If you are a composer or sound artist interested in the human voice, we invite you to send us your composition.

We strongly suggest that you read Leigh Landy's book titled Compose Your Words. It gives you an idea of using words in musical ways. Look here.

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Visits are reports on your travels. We're looking for reports that contribute to understanding better our natural or cultural environment or how people live.

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Taking a walk is healthy, for sure. It can be extremely informative as well. Take a walk, take pictures, record the sounds, and share it all with us.

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