This is my neighborhood

We are creating festivals of neighborhoods. We want you to meet our friends, listen to their stories, and get to know how they live, how they think, where they're going. Through their music, dance, art, presented in special events and media, we want to gain an understanding that helps us to bring the world together.

We have begun to make global connections ...



The Music of Speech

Wherever they are in the world, let's listen to what people say. And let's give their voices a greater impact in sound. Ah, these musical voices can be beautiful and interesting. The words can mean more than they did before the music.

Here are three recent examples ...

In Forgotten Ways of Thinking, Shumaila Hemani returns to Pakistan ... more

Georgia Spiropoulos' multi-lingual settings of Walt Whitman's poems creates a universal context ... more

All these people eating at a restaurant in Staten Island seem to be saying, hey, this food is good let's have some ... more

Listen to
many more compositions



Technology & Originality

Our goal is to identify and introduce new ideas. A new idea might take the form of a new use of technology. Or concepts that lead us to think in a new way. Or a new awareness in listening. Or new models for interaction in music and musical instruments.

Here are two recent examples ...

Paul Geluso and Lars Graugaard demonstrate the sounds of the 3D Sound Object ... More

Carla Scaletti composes the reverberation at St. Jakobi, Lübeck, Germany ... More



States of Places

Understanding the states of places helps us to share an awareness of the world. Whether land, water, or air, whether natural or cultural, whether conveyed in a report or through media or in a meeting or conference or festival, our goal is to better understand the world as our home.

Here are recent examples ...

Carla Scaletti leads us on a visit to Yellowstone National Park ... More

Micah Frank records silent soundscapes in California ... More

Garth Paine explores the Shoalhaven River in New South Wales, Australia ... More

many more places



Take a Walk

An easy way to show what a place looks like. And how it sounds.

Here are two examples ...

Eric Leonardson & Joel Chadabe guide us in a walk through Manizales ... More

Rodger Stuart Davis takes us on a walk through Key West ... More



A gallery is a group of several images, sometimes accompanied by a narrative or sound, that are chosen for the home page slideshow. Each gallery remains on the home page for a while, then takes its place in this website.

Here are pointers to the galleries as they take place (most recent first) ...

Gallery#2. Images by Liliana Gelman ... More

Gallery#1. Images by Arsenije Jovanovic, Amandine Pras, Omid Burgin, Christina Viola Oorebeek, Joel Chadabe ... More












About these projects

These projects are guidelines for our activities that will lead us to create events and/or media or fuel our global communication habits. They have grown out of interactions with our members.
We look to our membership for ideas. We always welcome new thoughts and new projects or suggestions.