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August 4, 2017
The Blued Trees Symphony news!

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David Monacchi

Fragments of Extinction

June 21, 2017
Summer Solstice Action for Blued Trees

Save the trees! Save the art! Save the water!



Eduardo Kac & Thomas Pesquet

Inner Telescope






Ricardo Dal Farra

About Balance-UnBalance 2017  A Sense of Place

A Sense of Place will take place in the UK, in Plymouth and across the South West Peninsula

The Immersive Vision Theatre is a transdisciplinary instrument for a display of material worlds and imaginary worlds in virtual reality

Eden site where artificial biomes are full of plants from around the world


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GetTogether #4

Crossing bridges


Brain & Weather Storm

Marica Radojčić

By education I am a mathematician (I studied mathematics because of art, to develop some other approach). For many years I was professor at the University of Belgrade (Faculty of Mathematics and University of Art), visiting professor/researcher at the University of California (Berkeley), University of Hamburg, University of Bonn, MGU - Moscow, and [...]

Gallery #3
June 2017