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October 25, 2016
The world’s largest passenger ship sailing around the world for peace, sustainability and innovation stopped in New York City ... More

ERIC LEONARDSON & JOEL CHADABE Take a walk through Manizales on a holiday
May 11, 2016
We had been attending a conference titled Balance-Unbalance in Manizales ... More

CARLA SCALETTI  An Antidote to Eco-Fatigue
December 5, 2015
Earlier this year, the title of an article in American Scientist caught my eye ... More

November 19, 2015
Minerva Muñoz is a professional choreographer who also happens to have a PhD in condensed matter physics. She says she sometimes feels like a particle/wave duality ... More

WALTER BRANCHI  Che armonia!
October 8, 2015
Che grazia questo quartetto! Con che leggerezza sta danzando ... More

JOEL CHADABE  The concept behind Ear to the Earth
June 15, 2015
If people argue that music is a frivolous pursuit, an entertainment for those who can afford it, and that sound art has nothing to do with the realities of life, they'd be very wrong ... More

February 18, 2015
In LumiTECTURE, Enhus used a combination of time-lapse and telescopic lenses, and an all-Kyma soundtrack to create a sense of Los Angeles ... More

CARLA SCALETTI  Sonification of the world
January 12, 2015
We don’t live on the earth. We are the Earth. Every cell, each protein of our bodies is an emergent property of the Earth's cycles of light and darkness ... More

WALTER BRANCHI   I succeeded in making the Rome traffic sing
October 16, 2014
Yesterday afternoon at 6pm, on the terrace of the Foundation Isabella Scelsi on the via S. Teodoro in Rome ... More