David Monacchi


Photo by Alex d'Emilia

I travel to explore, document, and communicate in sound the organic equilibrium and intrinsic beauty in the ecosystems of the world's areas of primary equatorial rainforest. It is along the equator where the most ancient and diverse ecosystems still thrive today in primary rainforests, where days are equal to nights year round and where natural rhythms and circadian cycles are the most regular and in balance.

Based in Italy, David Monacchi is a composer, sound artist, and researcher in acoustic ecology. He has recorded sonic environments in primary rainforests in the Amazon, Central African Republic, and Borneo, and used the recordings in sound documentaries, installations, and compositions. Fragments of Extinction, his major work, was first introduced at the Ear to the Earth festival in New York in October 2006 as an installation with lectures, panels, and concerts. Since then it has been presented throughout the world. Among the highlights, it was the base for a film titled Dusk Chorus — Based on Fragments of Extinction that won a first prize at the Cinemambiente Fesival in Turin in 2016 and is scheduled for a screening at the Imagine Science Film Festival in New York in the fall of 2017.