Peter Beyls


I explore the aesthetic potential of algorithmic thinking in a wide variety of media including drawings, films, audiovisual installations, and sound art.
Relating natural processes to human action, I develop generative and interactive systems as conceptual machines that, once formalized in a computer program, often develop surprisingly intriguing morphologies and complex behavior.
Simply said, my approach to interactive systems explores the notions of relationship. I relate the psychology of humans to the parameters of nature, culture, and technology-based art and sound.

Peter Beyls, researcher, educator, and artist, was a researcher at the VUB Artificial Intelligence Lab, Brussels and CITAR (Centre for Research in Science and Technology for the Arts), UC Porto (Portugal). He taught at LUCA (Leuven University College of Art) Brussels, and School of Arts, UC Ghent. He has lectured at California Institute of the Arts, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, School of Visual Arts New York, Osaka Arts University, New York University, University of Toronto, and many other universities and institutes. He has published extensively on aspects of digital art and he has produced festivals and performed worldwide.