Arsenije Jovanovic

Arsenije Jovanovic writes:

Here is Prayer for One Galiola, an early piece made from original recordings when I sailed with a friend in a rubber boat from Belgrade to the northern boundary of the Adriatic Sea, then by the Danube to the Black Sea, Marmara Sea, Aegean Sea, and through the Corinth Canal to the Ionian Sea and then the Adriatic, altogether about 6,000 kilometers. The name of the boat was Galiola Belgrade.

The composition is a kind of a documentary with the sounds of the sea, the boat's engine, the sounds of birds, our voices, sirens, and other sounds. But it's not only a documentary. It's an adventure. And it's a search.


Prayer for One Galiola

A few years later, here I am, the happiest man, at the tiller of the Galiola Nuria, my little yacht that I was sailing through all of the Adriatic, Sicily, and a good part of Mediterranean. But Galiola is not only the boat. It's many things. It's a metaphor never been explained totally in the sound. It's a poetic symbol. It's a little island with a big lighthouse on a lonely rock in the middle of the sea. It's a quest, a dream, a painful need to understand everything completely. My music, in this case In Search of Galiola, is an expression of the search.


In Search of One Galiola