Sogno di un Automobile

Arsenije Jovanovic tells his story.

"My experience in the Dubovica Tunnel on the island of Hvar in Dalmatia was only one of many other ventures I had experienced in different caves and underground places decades earlier. In the beginning, it was the silences, not the sounds, that fascinated me in underground places, sometimes hundreds of meters deep, silences that can not be compared with the silence of any place anywhere. Thanks to the caves, I composed Resava Variations (Prix Italia, Venice), Invasions, Caves of my Ancestors, Underwater Cave, and a few other pieces.

"I composed Sogno di un automobile during a few days of field recording while attending the 2012 Prix Marulic festival on the Island of Hvar. It was not my intent to do a documentary based on the real sounds found in a tunnel. But I was drawn back to those sounds again and again. In Dubovica Tunnel, I found an entrance into another world, much deeper and out-of-the-way.


"What I found was a psychedelic sound architecture of the space, a cavernous silence that occasionally alternated with roars of motor monsters from either direction. Not esoteric earth energy, but acoustic miracle and frightening howling and screaming of machineries what triggered my first steps from the sunny soundscape outside into the chthonic darkness inside, leading further into the tunnels of what we call consciousness and imagination.

Sogno di un Automobile

"My take on tunnels is, discounting their utilitarian meaning, that they are caves possessing an entrance and an exit. Like caves, they hold the mystery of secret passages as exemplified by the thousands of legends that are common in the local folklore of many countries. 

"I am in my element in recording in deserted tunnels growing with myths and stories, like wild mushrooms. Each individual tunnel owns its own legend, representing a source emanating from the earth's energy, creating an esoteric notion of channels and paths."