Compose Your Words

Leigh Landy writes: “Think of the wide range of vocal sounds, including words, that we can use in a spoken poem. Imagine what we can do with our voice as an instrument of performance."

Landy takes you through a process of composition in a progressive sequence of 26 steps labelled from A to Z, starting with simple rhythmic patterns, ending with technology and space. It's fascinating no matter what is your level of musical experience.



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Landy writes: “I don’t want to put words in your mouths, take my words for it. I do want you to enjoy this and create.”





Leigh Landy's ebook, short, to the point, and a pleasure to read, opens up worlds of thought and ideas from which everyone, children and adults, families and schools, groups and individuals, here and there, may benefit.

It can also be read as a starting point for Voices of the World, an ongoing project of Ear to the Earth, in which your works can be presented in concerts and on this website.

After all, even as abstractions, words convey thoughts that can bring people together. Look further ... More






Leigh Landy is a composer, author, and educator. His music has been performed throughout the world. He has written several books. He is editor of Organized Sound (Cambridge University Press), an international journal. And he currently directs the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK.