To Manhattan

This recording documents the Staten Island ferry traversing lower New York Harbor from Staten Island to Manhattan.

From the Staten Island waiting room to the Manhattan entry hall, the trip took about 30 minutes. Recorded by Joseph Kubera and Joel Chadabe in October 2011, To Manhattan is part of the Ear to the Earth New York Soundscape project.

Chadabe's description:

"Joe was navigator, leading the way. I was the pilot, in this case holding the recorder. We started the recording in the Staten Island waiting room, then followed the crowds onto the boat. We walked down to the lower car deck and stood near the aft railings to record the ferry closing its gates and railings and leaving the slip. When the ferry was underway, we walked up to the passenger deck, crossed the deck very slowly, then walked to the northern side of the boat. Joe held the recorder while I took some pictures of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan. We then walked slowly to the front of the boat to record the approach to the Manhattan slip and the docking process of the boat hitting piles, making a shrieking sound. We left the boat with the passengers. The recording ends in the Manhattan entry hall where the melody lingers on."

01leavingsi800√Leaving Staten Island

02harborsi800√Passing through New York harbor

03manhattan800√Seeing Manhattan ahead of us

04arriving800√Arrival ahead

05arrivingveryclose800√Pulling into the dock

06passengersleaving800√Passengers leaving the boat


Streaming To Manhattan. About 30 minutes.


The photos are by Joel Chadabe.

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