The Public Ought to Know

An expert in understanding how New York City's government works, Corey Bearak, attorney, believes that people ought to know about the many and various issues that affect the quality of their lives.

The articles in this compilation first appeared as a weekly column in the award-winning Times Ledger, a chain of neighborhood newspapers in the New York City borough of Queens, between June 2003 and May 2005.

The column deals with issues such as air quality, housing for the poor, police oversight, public transportation, increasing public participation in elections, gun control, funding libraries, keeping the streets safe, education, noise, care for the old, water, access to information, racial profiling, city parks, helping the homeless, real property tax reform, funding for culture, health care, the environment, violence against women, recycling and waste reduction strategies, and how to play the game of "Annoy!" to get things done.

The Public Ought to Know is a remarkable history of our time. It reflects Corey Bearak's caring about people and how they live. It is a testament to his sophisticated knowledge of the mechanisms and issues of the New York City government. And like all histories, it is a resource for understanding the way we deal with our problems today.

Reader reviews

"A backstage to political theater in NYC."

"Corey Bearak's book is a look back at history and also a primer on today's issues."

"This man has clout and delivers as does this potent book."

" ... an insider's glimpse at NYC politics and government."

"Corey gets it right on so many issues that continue to be important to all NYC residents. As his title states, 'the people ought to know.'"

"Yes! the public should know; the key is getting the information ..."

"A must read!"




Corey Bearak's words:

"The issues I covered remain relevant today. The problems persist. The information on politics, policy and process that readers glean from reading The Public Ought To Know empowers them to 'challenge' or encourage their elected officials to act responsibly."


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