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Thin Air in New York

On Thursday evening, December 1 @ 8pm, Paul Geluso and Lars Graugaard will perform Thin Air, an Ear to the Earth Special Event that demonstrates the unique sounds of the 3D Sound Object. As Paul Geluso describes it, "What is the 3D Sound Object? What is the sound? What are we doing? It’s fantastic! Special. An adventure in listening ..." Lars Graugaard adds, "Working with Paul Geluso's 3D Sound Object in Thin Air isn't like any other sound amplification techniques. It creates in fact an entirely different notion of sound amplification - what it is, what it can be ..."

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The Great Animal Orchestra in Paris

From July 2, 2016 to January 8, 2017, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, in Paris, is presenting The Great Animal Orchestra, inspired by the work of American musician and bioacoustician Bernie Krause. There are many different ways he'll take you on a worldwide tour in sound. Here is one of them.

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Conference of Stones in New Zealand

Artist Phil Dadson writes: "In 2010, the USA-based Pew Environment Group initiated a visionary project to protect and create an ocean sanctuary around one of the most pristine ocean reserves on the planet. The Kermadec Islands occupy an area of approximately 620,000 square kilometers in the South Pacific just north of New Zealand ... On May 10, 2011 we left Auckland harbor as non-naval personnel aboard the HMNZS Otago, an off-shore patrol vessel in the Royal New Zealand Navy, bound for the Kermadecs and Tonga Tapu ..." Here's the story. Artists and the world.

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Everything everywhere

Participate! Wherever you are in the world. We all want to see your photos. We want to hear your sounds. And your words. Be in touch with everyone.

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The Slideshow

The current slideshow gallery is presenting photographs by Vedran Vucic in Serbia, Liliana Gelman in Argentina, and Joel Chadabe in the US.

The theme, suggested by Vedran Vucic, is clouds. Vedran and some friends visited the mountain area called Rajac, approximately 90 km south of Belgrade. He wrote, “We enjoyed watching the clouds in the sky. They changed their forms ... the cloud that looked like a sailing ship turned into a lady in white dress with an umbrella in her hand. The running rabbit turned into kids driving small bicycles, men with pipes turned into sunflowers turning their head down in the sunset. It was lovely to see the beauty of those changes while we heard a breath of gentle breeze in birch trees moving the birch leaves in very subtle ways.”

In the gallery, there are clouds in Serbia; photographs by Joel Chadabe in the Alps, in New York harbor, and in Penobscot Bay (Maine, US); and by Liliana Gelman in the Island of Krk in Croatia, the Mar Del Plata near Buenos Aires, and Pampa in Buenos Aires Province.



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