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Recent events

Thin Air

On Thursday, December 1 @ 8pm at WhiteBox in New York, Paul Geluso and Lars Graugaard performed Thin Air, an Ear to the Earth Special Event that demonstrated the unique sounds of Geluso's 3D Sound Object. He describes it, "What is the 3D Sound Object? What is the sound? What are we doing? It’s fantastic! ..." Lars Graugaard adds, "... an entirely different notion of sound amplification - what it is, what it can be ..." Go here.

The Great Animal Orchestra


From July 2, 2016 to January 8, 2017, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, in Paris, presented The Great Animal Orchestra, inspired by the work of American musician and bioacoustician Bernie Krause. There are many different ways he'll take you on a worldwide tour in sound. Try this one. Go here.

Conference of Stones

Artist Phil Dadson writes: "In 2010, the USA-based Pew Environment Group initiated a visionary project to protect and create an ocean sanctuary around one of the most pristine ocean reserves on the planet. The Kermadec Islands occupy an area of approximately 620,000 square kilometers in the South Pacific just north of New Zealand ... On May 10, 2011 we left Auckland harbor as non-naval personnel aboard the HMNZS Otago, an off-shore patrol vessel in the Royal New Zealand Navy, bound for the Kermadecs and Tonga Tapu ..." Here's the story. Go here.


Artists at work

Blued Trees

The Blued Trees Symphony, composed by Aviva Rahmani, more than music, is a work of biogeographic sculpture. She writes, "Our goal is to set a legal precedent for climate change policy by copyrighting an artwork that inhabits areas threatened by natural gas pipelines." Go here.

All trees are clocks

Adrian Newton, from the south of England, writes "With my research team, I have been researching the ecological impact of climate change on ancient woodlands here in the UK. As in many other parts of the world, some of these woodlands are experiencing quite significant dieback as a result of changes in the climate, specifically increased incidence of summer drought. I work part time as a professor in ecological science at Bournemouth University, which is nearby, and developed All trees are clocks to link my ecology and sound art interests." Go here.

Concierto de Agua

At Mar Del Plata, just south of Buenos Aires, Liliana Gelman has improved the sound of the water. Listen. Go here


Calls for action


Balance-Unbalance 2017. An important international conference designed to use art as a catalyst to explore intersections between nature, science, technology, and society. This year's title is A Sense of Place. The location is Plymouth University, UK. The dates are August 21 to 23. The submission deadline is February 13. Go here.

Sound + Environment 2017. A four-day conference bringing together artists and scientists to explore the ways that sound can deepen our understanding of environments. Keynote speakers will include Chris Watson and Leah Barclay. The dates are June 29 to July 2. The place is University of Hull, UK. The deadline for submission is January 30. Go here

Send us photos

The slide show changes periodically, not only the images, but also the theme. If you have images for the slideshow, please send them to us. If you'd like to suggest a theme, please do. The current theme, suggested by Vedran Vucic, in Serbia, is clouds. Describing clouds in Rajak, a mountain area south of Belgrade, he wrote that "they changed their forms ... a sailing ship turned into a lady in white dress with an umbrella ... while we heard a breath of gentle breeze in birch trees ..." A photo he sent is in the current slideshow. A photo by Joel Chadabe of the Alps between France, Italy and Austria is there, as are his photos of New York harbor and Penobscot Bay (Maine US). Photos by Liliana Gelman include the Island of Krk in Croatia, Mar Del Plata near Buenos Aires, and Pampa in Buenos Aired Province are there.


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