Our mission is to cultivate a global conversation about earth as a place to live, now and into the future, with music, sound, and visual arts as our catalyst ... More

The world together

Here's an idea

We’d like to bring people together in global artistic projects. Any ideas? Share them with all of us.

To start, here’s our idea. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever language you speak, we invite you to join us in creating a global composition.

Record your name, say where you are and what you do, and add a recording of any interesting sound of water, indoors, outdoors, beautiful creeks, storms, whatever you think makes sense.

Here’s an example:

My name is Fred, I live in Canada, I am a physics student, the sound of water.

Send us your sounds at editor@eartotheearth.org

When we have a group of sounds, we’ll invite people from around the world to put them together into a composition. And we’ll present the compositions at venues throughout the world.


The Gallery

The slideshow

The current Gallery, presented in the slideshow, is a group of images borrowed from NASA. Many of the photos were taken from the International Space Station.

Several of the photos allow us to see large areas of the earth's surface. Some give us a clear picture of the earth as a globe. In some photos we see a blue frame. That blue frame is our atmosphere. Air. Our natural environment.

It should be clear that with everyone on Earth sharing that environment, we are together a global community.

Ear to the Earth's mission is to develop and improve that community. We are doing this by creating a global conversation with its catalyst in music, sound art, visual arts, including ideas, stories, and images.

As the Gallery changes, we post the images online. To see past Galleries, go here.


What are we doing?

How are we communicating through the global conversation?

We send newsletters through our international list, pointing to music, events, blog posts.

We present GetTogethers. A GetTogether is an informal concert or meeting or ... It can take place anywhere in the world. It's free. And it's documented in our website to make it available everywhere.

We provide a web presence for Artists.

We promote events.

We encourage blog posts. Artist or Activist members can initiate and manage a blog.

In other words, we can bring you into a global conversation with words, music, sound, and images.


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