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This site is not yet finished. By all means poke around, but the posts will be more complete, the links more in place, additional articles to be read, sounds to be heard, thoughts to be thinked, all of it in about a week.

A few words about what we're doing

If people argue that music is a frivolous pursuit, an entertainment for those who can afford it, and that sound art has nothing to do with the facts of everyday life, they'd be very wrong.

Listening to sounds teaches you how to hear. The structure of a composition teaches you how things happen in time. The nature of a sound tells you what's around you. The process of working with others teaches you about interaction, teamwork, and how to put things together.

Listening to sounds of our environment brings the environment to us. We listen to the sounds of now extinct, or threatened, or endangered animals and we understand more about the world. We listen to David Monacchi's perfect recordings of a primary rainforest in the Central African Republic, and the rainforest comes to us.

Well, almost. We are multisensorial and the sounds we hear are part of a larger whole ...

We are using sound and image, perhaps other senses depending upon the specific project, to convey projects. The projects are activities that address environmental issues. We'll bring the projects to you ...

This introductory statement is unfinished.






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