What are we doing?

If people argue that music is a frivolous pursuit, an entertainment for those who can afford it, and that sound art has nothing to do with the realities of life, they'd be very wrong.

The realities of life are communicated through sound.

And sound can teach you how to understand the world. Listen to recordings of rainforests, rivers, deserts, and they'll talk to you. Listen to the recorded sounds of now extinct, or threatened, or endangered species and you'll grasp the possibility of an empty planet.

We're interested in bringing the world together, place by place, neighborhood by neighborhood, showing how people live, creating bonds and communities. And doing it with the arts. Sound, yes. But we mean all of the arts.

Here is a new idea.

For our projects, for our creations as well as for the creations and activities of our friends and associates, we're taking music out of concert halls and redefining art in general as a part of life. Art, for what we're doing, is what makes the ordinary extraordinary.

And art engages. It's an act of engagement to record, listen, perform. It's an act of engagement to design an extraordinary building, create an environmentally positive business, illuminate a public understanding of the policies that govern us, in short, do something extraordinary that benefits the quality of our lives.

We won't be done by tomorrow, but if we can communicate models for the implementations of extraordinary ideas, and if we can confront environmental issues with the force of working together, we may be able to mitigate the pain of the catastrophe that seems to be heading our way.

We need to remember that we are life on Earth and this is our home.



So what's new?

The slideshow: Houses in Key West. It's the first step in This is my Neighborhood, a new program starting up with Rodger Stuart Davis' Book A Walk ... More

Intelligent Arts has published a book by Corey Bearak titled The Public Ought to Know. It's a compendium of newspaper columns on public policy. Important. It's not only that it's a history of our time, it's a guide to how things work. You ought to know! Have a look ... More


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